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Ukrainian fertilizer market: on the threshold of the unknown

Each year Ukrainian farmers, manufacturers and trading companies working in this field are put to the test. The supply of mineral fertilizers is particularly sensitive sphere. Unfortunately, 2018 was no exception. On the contrary, it was more dramatic than the previous one, and it has changed the agrochemical background of agricultural production in a radical […]

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Ukraine significantly reduced fertilizers export in 2018

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, export volumes of all groups of fertilizers in 2018 decreased.

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Ukrainian customs blocked Belarusian fertilizers import

Ukrainian customs officers require importers to pay a duty of 42.96% for the import of Belarusian nitrogen and complex fertilizers from December 7, 2018.

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Main weekly events in the Ukrainian market of fertilizers, crop protection products and seeds

The main events in Ukrainian domestic markets of fertilizers, plant protection products and seeds in the period from 29.10.18 to 02.11.18 are listed here.

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Какое азотное удобрение «работает лучше»?What nitrogen fertilizer “works better”?

По результатам двухлетнего исследования (2006-2007 гг.) по эффективности азотных удобрений на различных типах почв, было опубликовано следующие результаты:

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