Ukraine significantly reduced fertilizers export in 2018

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, export volumes of all groups of fertilizers in 2018 decreased.

Ammonia volumes exported from Ukraine in January-December 2018 was 40,2 thousand tons in the amount of $9.5 million, and imports was 441,6 thousand tons in the amount of $137.3 million. According to the IA Infoindustry, the country, which has one of the largest ammonia production capacities, has not exported the product since June, while imports have been growing at the same time. As a result, exports in 2018 compared with the previous year fell 3.5 times, while imports grew by 1.3 thousand tons. Turkey remains the main buyer. Almost 48% of the total volume was shipped to this country. Almost all the goods were imported from Russia. The share of Belarus in the supply of ammonia to Ukraine is 2%.

Nitrogen fertilizers were exported in the amount of $64.4 million in the quantity of 341.4 thousand tons, which means a drop of 49% compared with 2017. Products of this group were imported in the amount of $288 million in the quantity of 1.358 million tons. Thus, imports fell by 22%. Turkey with a share of 38.93% remains the leading buyer of Ukrainian nitrogen fertilizers. IA Infoindustry has already written that the main supplier of nitrogen fertilizers with a significant breakaway was Russia. This year it was overtaken by Belarus, Uzbekistan and Lithuania, and the gap is widening with no supplies from Russia since June, which by the end of the year was not even in the top three, while the share of Belarus, Uzbekistan and Lithuania rose to 20.72%, 16.05% and 11.71% respectively.

141 thousand tons of phosphate fertilizers in the amount of $35 million were imported in comparison with 35.4 thousand tons in 2017. Poland remains the leader. Tunisia and Turkey are also in the list of suppliers this year. There was no export in 2017 and in 2018.

A total of 1,772 tons of potash fertilizers in the amount of $486 thousand were exported from Ukraine, which practically remained at the level of last year. Imports amounted to 142.5 thousand tons in the amount of $37 million, which means a significant growth – 55%. The main buyer is Lithuania, which purchased 61.52% of the total exported goods, the seller is Belarus, which supplied 82.76% of the total volume.

Fertilizers with two, three elements (NPK) were exported in the amount of $3.8 million in the quantity of 4,669 tons compared to 6,850 tons in a previous year. Import amounted to $613 million in the quantity of 1.758 million tons, which means a drop of 35 % compared with 2017 year. About a half were delivered to Moldova. Russia shipped 46.76% of the all imported goods to Ukraine. In second place is Belarus, with an indicator of 21%.