Ukrainian customs blocked Belarusian fertilizers import

Ukrainian customs officers require importers to pay a duty of 42.96% for the import of Belarusian nitrogen and complex fertilizers from December 7, 2018.

At present, a great number of railcars of different operators have been stopped at the border stations. Among the imported goods are complex fertilizers, UAN and other fertilizers.

All kind of fertilizers have been stopped, despite the fact that most of the goods are NPK of Belarus production with a low nitrogen content. In addition to the requirement to pay the duty, samples from all lots of goods are subject to analysis for nitrogen content.

The requirement of the State Customs Committee is to pay the antidumping duty by the importer, regardless of the country of origin. Customs officers refer to the letter from customs administration, which is not presented.

It is to be recalled that anti-dumping duty in the rate of 42, 96% was imposed from March 28, 2018 for the import of nitrogen, complex (NPK) fertilizers, MAP, DAP and other NP-fertilizers, which contain at least 28% of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, originating from Russia or not having a certificate of origin. The duty does not apply to products manufactured in other countries, including Belarus.

There is evidence that importers began to experience similar problems for the import of fertilizers from other countries, including those supplying goods by sea. In addition, obstacles are created for the import of feed additives.