Ukraine imported more than 1 million tons of NP and NPK fertilizers

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the country increase imports of fertilizers and exports remains very low.

Ammonia volume exported from Ukraine in January-June 2019 amounted to 2,740 tons for $736,000, and imported 208,600 tons for $58.9 million. Slovakia is the main buyer. Almost all ammonia was imported from Russia.

Nitrogen fertilizers were exported for the amount of $47.7 million in the quantity of 220,100 tons, and imported in the amount of $271.9 million in the quantity of 1.122 million tons. India became a leading buyer having bought 26.34% of Ukrainian nitrogen fertilizers. The main supplier of past years – Russia has not supplied the goods. Bulgaria took the first place. Belarus is the next.

Nearly 32,800 tons of phosphate fertilizers were imported for $6.5 million. About 92% was supplied from Poland.

Just 1,090 tons of potash fertilizers for $295,000 were exported from Ukraine. Imports amounted to 50,000 tons for $14.6 million. The main buyer is Lithuania; the seller is Belarus.

Fertilizers with two, three elements (NPK) were exported in the amount of $3.6 million in the quantity of 3,400 tons, imported in the amount of $417.6 million in the quantity of 1.022 million tons. Kazakhstan was the leading importer. Russia has delivered fertilizers to Ukraine for $170.7 million. This is followed by Belarus and Poland with indicators $93.4 and $29.6 million, respectively. Thus, the closest pursuers do not even reach the volume of supplies from the Russian Federation, but after the introduction of the embargo, the situation will change.